2014 venture: 1montessori.com
right now just an Etsy shop

I am extra swamped with SXSW. If you are looking for assembly instructions, I do not have them ready yet. Please send me an email, and Really Soon Now I will tell you when they are. Thank you!


Maker, Inventor, Mentor

prototypes, proofs-of-concept, design
innovative materials, ideas, people
serial social entrepreneur

Austin, Texas / Bolivia / Uruguay

15ils.com (founding CEO)
kidbot.org (mentor, founder)
geekid.org (founder)
idoscience.org (founder)
The Robot Group (secretary)
ATX Hackerspace (member)
OLE.org (Bolivia representative)
bolinux.org (militant)
OLPC (volunteer)

Yama Ploskonka